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Katie McKenzie lives in rural central Ohio with her husband Jesse and two daughters, Charlie and Evan. A year after she had their first daughter in June 2014, she and her husband began trying to conceive again. They experienced 3 first trimester miscarriages in 8 months. In May 2016 she found out she was pregnant again and gave birth to their Rainbow in January 2017. She wrote about her pregnancy in a blog, and has began to continue to write about her everyday life, now as a mother of two. You can visit her blogs, Life isn't always Rainbows and A Princess and a Rainbow. Katie is a Registered Nurse who currently works on a postpartum unit. After her own experiences with loss, Katie has become passionate about speaking out about miscarriage and ending the stigma that comes with it.

Sunshine & Rainbow–Equally Loved

As my two girls grow older, and I am forced to tuck away their clothes that they have grown out of, I’m left with 2 huge, clear plastic tubs of clothes I’ll probably just store for a few years and then get rid of. Instead of this wasted space, as I’m trying to simplify our [...]

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I’m Cringing At Your Pregnancy Announcement, Here Is Why

It never happens, until it does. It happened to me, it can happen to you. It happened to three of my cousins, two of my friends, and so many more that I meet as time goes on. It happens to 1 in 4. Pregnancy loss is more prevalent than you think, and I feel like [...]

My Dear Babies Who Never Made it to Earth

http://kristenhallenbeckphotography.pass.us/mckenziematernity My Dear Babies Who Never Made it to Earth, You were very tiny when you left my body. I barely knew I was pregnant, but you were there. You were there, but not long enough. I tried everything I could think of to keep you safe but it didn't make any difference. [...]

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Wandering Through Sex After Loss

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash It starts off fun, mysterious. You don't know what to expect. It is everything you thought it would be. It is nothing you thought it would be. As I make the journey through motherhood, loss, and recovery, it changes, transitions as I seem to be. Sex. After our loss, sex [...]

Communication & Empathy

As a mother who has experienced miscarriage, my empathy towards new mothers is different than that of someone without children of their own, or who has never had a loss. My nursing practice isn't necessarily better, but I tend to notice different elements of my postpartum patient than other nurses. I sometimes understand why the [...]

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What DO You Say To A Grieving Parent?

I have been very open about our losses from the beginning. I got a lot of different responses from people during those times, and even when I have been vocal about them since. Some people said they were sorry, and couldn’t imagine what we were going through. Others said that something was probably wrong with [...]

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Evan Roux – My Rainbow is Turning One

As her first birthday is just two weeks away, all I have been thinking about is Evan's birth story. I wish things had gone much smoother than it actually did, but either way this is how she became our Rainbow. My whole pregnancy, I never trusted my body, as I have said many times. I [...]

How my Miscarriages have Affected my Career

I have been a nurse for six years now, working with several different types of patients, and had never really found the type of nursing I wanted to stay with for my future. I had never even considered Maternal and Infant Health before I had our first daughter, Charlie, but my birth experience was so [...]

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You Deserve Support

After our second miscarriage, I had a really hard time recovering. The first one was hard enough. Since it "never" happens, how could I even fathom it happening a second time to us? That was impossible, I thought, so I think it hit me in the gut twice as hard. I had no idea what [...]

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