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Karalee Harbridge lives in Toronto with her husband, Nathan, and their two cats, Kippy and Tuna. On Boxing Day, 2015, they were surprised to find out they were expecting. Once the shock wore off, they were extremely happy and excited to be welcoming a child into their family. Unfortunately, it was discovered at the 20-week anatomy scan that their baby boy, Odin, would not survive to full-term. On April 20th, 2016, they met and said goodbye to their first and only son at 21 weeks and 6 days gestation. After surviving the first eight months of life without their baby boy, Karalee started writing a blog about her grief. You can read about her journey at The Long-Term Project, where she also has an extensive collection of book suggestions, podcasts, and other resources. Karalee has found a lot of comfort in support groups both online and in person and is grateful for the opportunity to be giving back to that community through PALS. Karalee and Nathan are happy (and anxious) to be expecting a baby girl in January 2018.

Call the midwife (week 39)

Week 39. I've been relatively calm leading up to the final stage of this pregnancy. I feel pretty good about the way I've handled my anxieties and fears. Our birth plan simply involves an ending with me and baby girl alive and healthy. How we get there really doesn't matter much to us because we [...]

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Lessons, Not Resolutions

I think it's nice to start out a new year with some resolutions. I don't know that I've ever really set any official ones, and I definitely won't be this year, but I do like the idea of January 1st being a time to reflect back and to set some intentions for the year ahead. [...]

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Twenty-One and Six

On this day of my first pregnancy (21 weeks, 6 days) Odin was born. When you’re living in the dark timeline, the one that begins when your child’s life ends and yours continues, it’s hard to ignore these types of landmarks and dates. They’re the ones that remind you, despite the happiness or contentment you’re [...]

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