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Dr. Julie Bindeman is a reproductive psychologist and co-director of Integrative Therapy of Greater Washington outside of the Nation's Capital. No stranger to loss, Dr. Bindeman is the mother of 6 children--three of which she can cuddle in her arms while three live in her heart. She contributes regularly to Reconceiving Loss, writes professionally, and is an ardent advocate for Women's Rights.

Managing Classes during Pregnancy After Loss

For many women, becoming pregnant means being included in this special “club”—the “mom club” full of insiders that share their wisdom and tips for motherhood. Part of joining this club means partaking in initiation kinds of activities like pre-natal yoga or birthing class. Once your child is born, you are “allowed” into the full versions [...]

Dear PAL Mama…There is Safety Here

Dear PAL Mama, Maybe you are new to this designation as a “Babyloss mom” or maybe you’ve known this role for several years. Perhaps this is your first pregnancy after loss or you’ve been down this road before. It’s possible that you have living children or maybe you’ve endured several pregnancies without knowing when you’ll [...]

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Ask the Expert: Scared to take a Pregnancy Test

Ask the Expert is a column at Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) where members of the community ask questions of experts who treat moms who are pregnant after loss. Visit our Ask the Expert page to submit a question. *Disclaimer: Pregnancy After Loss Support does not give medical or psychological advice. We are strictly a peer-to-peer support resource [...]

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Can I Love Another Baby?

Love grows. It might seem unimaginable that there is space in your heart to love more, yet that space is created. Think about the love you have for your partner. For most of us, that love didn’t happen overnight. It might have started as a kernel we thought of as friendship or attraction. It expanded [...]

Pregnancy After Loss and the Holidays

Holidays can be both a time of year that many look forward to and simultaneously dread. There might be many reasons for this: how a family interacts with one another, how families accept adult children, how families cope with stress, as well as what this time of year means to individuals in the family. I [...]

The subtle

When you met your partner, and the two of you committed to one another (whether this occurred privately between the two of you or publicly with a ceremony), you envisioned happiness in your future. Sure, there would be bumps, but at that time, it was hard to imagine anything that could shake the solid foundation [...]

A Follow Up to Pregnancy and Zika

Most of the Spring and Summer news cycle has had a heavy presence of a mosquito-carried illness called Zika. Although the virus is not new, the concern that it can cause serious birth defects, stemmed from microcephaly, has created understandable concern and fear. An earlier PALS article about Zika spoke about resources to check on [...]

The Changing Emotions in a Pregnancy after Loss

The positive pregnancy test sends shivers down your spine, and immediately the tears start to fall. Your partner reacts similarly—excited, and that emotion quickly gets tempered. This is a fairly typical reaction to a pregnancy after loss (PAL). What had previously been experienced as excitement (maybe mixed in with some fear of the unknown) has [...]

For Healthcare Professionals: Policy Considerations for the Mom Pregnant after Loss

There are no uniform and adopted guidelines in all hospital and clinic settings that inform perinatal grief practices. Few settings have formalized guidelines to manage this population, and more frequently the policies might be haphazard or are not consistent. Certainly policies are important and reviewing them more so. For pregnancy after a loss (PAL), there [...]

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Getting the Care You Need during Pregnancy after Loss

In June 2015, I wrote an article about how to navigate your preconception visit with your healthcare provider, which included questions to ask and considerations to make on your part when trying to select a provider for a prospective Pregnancy After Loss. Now that you’ve picked a provider, this writing will focus on making sure [...]