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About Jessica Nelles

Jessica currently lives in Southern Ontario with her husband Stephen, her two fur kitties (Milo and Charlie) and her miracle rainbow Phoebe. Jessica and Stephen suffered the devastating loss of their first child, Tiberius "Ty" who was stillborn at 37 weeks on October 15th, 2010. 12 weeks after Ty was buried, Jessica and Stephen found out they were expecting again. On May 2nd, 2011 they learned the devastating news that their rainbow Jacob, had a fatal diagnosis. They chose to carry Jacob and gave him every possible chance. It was then that Jessica started blogging at Ty and Jacob Nelles ( to share Jacobs journey. At first, Jessica and Stephen decided they did not want to try again, they were going to start the adoption process a year or two later, give themselves sometime to get their feet back on the ground, but 9 months after burying Jacob, they decided that maybe, just maybe giving it one more shot was worth it. They both felt the reward outweighed the risk, and so their third attempt at bringing home a baby began. June 2012, Jessica and Stephen found out they were expecting. Albeit terrified and incredibly fearful of having to bury another child, Jessica and Stephen prepared for their baby's arrival. In September they found out they were expecting a little girl whom they decided to name Phoebe. On January 8th, 2013, Jessica and Stephen finally welcomed Phoebe into the world. She was born alive and healthy. She is now a very vivacious little 19 month old and Jessica blogs almost daily about the challenges of parenting a rainbow amidst grief. In addition, Jessica is writing a book chronicling their journey.

Sex After Loss

Sex after Loss This topic may be as taboo as infant loss itself but sex is a large part of life, especially when trying for and parenting a rainbow. Sex after children normally changes in a relationship but add on the aspect of loss and it takes on a whole new meaning. My sex after [...]

We Survived Dance Class

  Last month I left you all hanging, having just signed up for my first ever non-baby loss program for Bee. I figured it would be good to fill you in on what really happened. You know those fears we have as baby loss parents, the uncomfortable situations, the anxiety tends to build before big [...]

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Dance Class

While pregnant with my son Ty, I had so many dreams and wishes for him. I envisioned signing him up for dance, baseball, soccer, piano lessons, anything I could have him participate in, I wanted to sign him up. But then he died and our rainbow Jacob died a year after Ty died. All my [...]

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Dear Warrior

Dear Warrior: The definition of warrior by dictionary standards means: a person who shows or has shown great vigor or courage. I can’t think of a more precise word to describe you. You have trudged through the battle field of loss with great courage, coming out on top and doing it all over. When others [...]

Journey Through Heartache to Hope

A birth story by Jessica Nelles Jessica and her husband, Stephen, experienced heartache with the loss of their first two children but didn't give up hope. Words just cannot capture the Nelles' story. They created this stunning video to share their family's story, and we want to share it with you today. The video is [...]

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