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Jessica Clasby-Monk and her wife, Natalie, went through fertility treatment shortly after getting married in 2011, and on their second IVF Jessica fell pregnant with their son. After a straightforward pregnancy, in January 2016, they discovered that Leo had unexpectedly died, and he was born a few days later. In July that year, Jessica was pregnant again but sadly miscarried at 6 weeks. Now into her third pregnancy, they are quietly hopeful for a different outcome. Since Leo was born, Jessica has openly shared their journey on her blog "The Legacy of Leo". You can follow Jessica on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 33 – Preparing for Birth and Beyond

This week has been rather busy with appointments, all focusing on birth and beyond! As we are getting induced at 37 weeks, we actually only have a little over three weeks to go, so now the focus is on birth... Going through the Motions So much of years of fertility treatment, and even grief, is [...]

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Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 32 – Surpassing Milestones

Some big-ish milestones have been smashed this week! We've spoken about milestones in pregnancy after loss before, and we tend to keep them small, or not too far in the future. Small, short targets feel less daunting. But this week, we've achieved two big milestones; a wedding, and starting maternity leave. Achieving Milestones I appreciate [...]

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Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 31 – Indulging in Hope, buying Baby Clothes

We've had another gentle week.  We are slowly ticking down the weeks until induction and sussing out what we need or want to do in preparation for Magpie's birth, and hopefully, his homecoming. I've been meaning to talk about the indulgence of buying baby clothes for a while, as its one of those complex things in [...]

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Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 30 – Looking Back at Leo’s Pregnancy

This week, we made it successfully to Week 30. To go from the 20's to the 30's seems significant enough to note. I think probably because in a pregnancy after loss, every day feels like a bonus. It also means that we are on a bit of the 'home straight'. At times, it feels like [...]

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Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 29 – A Shift

Throughout this pregnancy, I have never really felt pregnant enough. Everything always seems as though it'll be when you get to X weeks or from the third trimester. And it feels now that we are finally at that point. I discussed it last week, but entering the final weeks has shifted things. Being on the cusp of [...]

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Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 28 – Slowly Reaching the Summit

Lately, we've felt as if there has been a shift. From day one, it hasn't felt as though we've been walking a steady slope to the end point of this pregnancy. From day one, it has felt like we've been walking up a sheer cliff face. With less walking, but more scrambling, clutching on, climbing. [...]

Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 26 – The Impact of Busy

The past few weeks seem to have flown by. I guess that's what happens when you are busy, with a capital B! We are learning though, that busy isn't necessarily a good thing. So many people have said to us, since Leo died, "keep busy, it'll keep your mind occupied, stop you overthinking". Problem is, it doesn't [...]

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Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 25 – National I Am In Control Day

Every day seems to be dedicated to something, doesn't it? I spotted on social media that today (or yesterday by the time that this posts) is 'National I Am In Control Day'. It caught my attention, so I thought it was worthy to talk about this week. Control in Stillbirth Control in baby loss and [...]

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Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 24 – Reaching Viability, Planning & Celebrating

Week 24 of Magpie's pregnancy has been busy. Reaching a siginificant goal, scan and consultant appointments, and my thirtieth birthday celebrations. Reaching Viability This week signifies our biggest milestone yet: viability. It is something that I have spoken about quite a bit over the last few weeks, mainly due to it looming, almost teasing us. [...]

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