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Jenny Albers lives in Colorado where she mothers her sunshine baby and rainbow baby. She also is mom to two babies who are with Jesus; one who was lost due to an ectopic pregnancy and one who was lost due to Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM). She has found healing through writing and feels called to bring awareness to the topic of pregnancy and child loss. She can be contacted by email .

The Guilt in Parenting After Pregnancy Loss

Before pregnancy loss, I had experienced mom guilt numerous times as I parented my sunshine baby. Maybe the guilt had risen to the surface after letting her cry a little longer than usual, or after losing my temper, or after denying a request to sit down and play. But, after pregnancy loss, the feelings of [...]

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Dear Mama Who is Pregnant After Loss, Carry On in Love and Hope

Dear Mama, I know how hard it is, this whole pregnancy after loss thing. Maybe you aren't feeling excited. Maybe you're not up for celebrating just yet. And that's okay. While there might seem to be a lack of enthusiasm, I know there is no lack of love for your baby. In fact, I know [...]

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A Rainbow Baby: Where Grief and Joy Collide

After a violent storm, a rainbow is a sign of hope, peace even. The storm is over and normal life can resume. But, it may not be like it was before. The storm may have caused damage that cannot be restored to its original state. It may have changed the landscape. The things that were [...]

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A Pregnancy After Loss Christmas Story

I knew the first Christmas after we lost our baby would be an especially hard one. A year earlier, I had been in my second trimester of pregnancy and had been hopeful that we would be celebrating our baby’s first Christmas the next year. But the following Christmas did not turn out as planned. Instead [...]

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The Emotional Weather of a Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy after loss can seem like a long period of unpredictable weather, unpredictable emotional weather that is. With loss comes a long season of grief, a season where the fog doesn’t lift, the sun doesn’t shine and life seems to be raining down on us. My emotional weather remained consistent as I navigated life after [...]

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Not that Different

After I became pregnant with my rainbow baby, it seemed as if I was expected to brush the heartache of past pregnancies aside and assume that nothing would go wrong this time. People often remarked that this was a different pregnancy, implying that certainly there would be a different outcome. But was it really that [...]

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A Rainbow in the Darkness

My rainbow baby recently turned one and I find myself reflecting on those dark days of pregnancy. Referring to pregnancy as “dark” probably isn’t socially acceptable. After all, shouldn’t I have been grateful just to be pregnant? Especially after burying a baby less than a year earlier? I was given another chance! Society reminded me [...]