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Jenny Albers lives in Colorado where she mothers her sunshine baby and rainbow baby. She also is mom to two babies who are with Jesus; one who was lost due to an ectopic pregnancy and one who was lost due to Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM). She has found healing through writing and feels called to bring awareness to the topic of pregnancy and child loss. You can follow her on Facebook to read more about her incomplete family and imperfect motherhood. She can also be contacted by email .

My Rainbow Baby Survived My Womb, But Sometimes I Still Get Scared

Unborn babies are generally categorized as the most vulnerable of human beings, and for good reason. They are, after all, the smallest humans who are in the very beginning stages of development, therefore making them more susceptible to harm. Photo by Zach Lucero on Unsplash But mothers who have experienced loss in any [...]

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Clinging to Hope at Christmastime

My first Christmas after loss was a difficult one, full of conflicting feelings. I felt immense sorrow for the baby who was gone and immense fear for the baby who had since been conceived. I remember gathering with family that year, the hustle and bustle of a house overflowing with people just background noise to [...]

When Pregnancy Feels Like Purgatory

Pregnancy after loss is an intense season of waiting. It's a season of being stranded somewhere between what might have been and what might be. For me, pregnancy after loss felt like some version of purgatory. The waiting was painful and it caused me to wonder if I would be left in darkness or carried [...]

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8 Things You Have Permission to Do as a Parenting After Loss Mom

After a rainbow baby is born, loss moms might feel obligated to parent by a certain set of standards. We may feel pressure from society and from ourselves to do things a certain way. There is a sense that we should ignore the fact that one of our babies died. It can feel like we [...]

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The Pressure to Enjoy Every Moment when Parenting after Loss

There seems to be mounting pressure from society to enjoy every moment of motherhood. And as a loss mom, this pressure seems to weigh more heavily on my shoulders. I know what it's like to live without the children who died within my womb, the children whose lives were so short that we didn't have [...]

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My Rainbow Baby Wasn’t Supposed to Be My Last, But I am Content

My rainbow baby is almost two years old and sometimes I am still surprised that we both survived pregnancy together. I just wasn't sure it was possible. That my pregnancy with my son would result in him coming home with us. Yet, even during the excruciatingly long and fear-filled days of my rainbow pregnancy, hope [...]

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Pregnant and Pessimistic

During my pregnancy after loss, I seemed to be surrounded by people who had the “glass-half-full” mentality. They still believed that pregnancy guaranteed a living baby and they felt optimistic that nothing would go wrong. These people didn't waste any time congratulating me on what they were certain would be a problem-free pregnancy. They were [...]

Supporting the Mama Who is Pregnant After Loss on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day can be difficult as a mama who is pregnant after loss. It's a day in which she is reminded of what she does not have. The sight of a newborn cradled in its mother's arms reminds her of the baby she never held. The social media images of mothers with their children remind [...]

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Hope During Pregnancy After Loss: Remember What is Possible

Are you having trouble holding onto hope during this season of pregnancy after loss? Maybe you've experienced complications and are worried that you'll lose another baby. Maybe the days are passing just a little too slowly and the journey towards a full-term pregnancy seems endless. Maybe the trauma from pregnancy loss has led to the [...]

The Guilt in Parenting After Pregnancy Loss

Before pregnancy loss, I had experienced mom guilt numerous times as I parented my sunshine baby. Maybe the guilt had risen to the surface after letting her cry a little longer than usual, or after losing my temper, or after denying a request to sit down and play. But, after pregnancy loss, the feelings of [...]

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