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About Ingrid Santana

Ingrid Santana is the Instagram Manager for Pregnancy After Loss Support and resides in New York City. She is a mother of her first son Liam, her daughter Leilani who was stillborn, a rainbow baby son Leighton, and her double rainbow Langston Leander. She is a stay at home mom and a motivated self-employed fitness coach. After the loss of her daughter Ingrid felt hopeless, alone, and empty. She didn’t understand how in this day and age things like this still happened. After getting back on her feet, she decided she wanted to help others know that stillbirths can still happen today. Ingrid also, when inspired, writes occasionally on her blog Staying fit for my L's, about her experience and thoughts on life as a mother/wife before and after her pregnancy after loss and fitness journey. You can also follow her on Instagram at @stayingfitformls.

Feeling Heartbroken over my Rainbow Baby’s Gender

When I found out my first rainbow baby's gender was a boy I was so mad. I felt completely unlucky and unloved. How could I have yet another boy when I lost my precious baby girl? How could I not have another girl? How dare life hand me yet another bad hand. I was devastated [...]

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A Christmas Letter to Leilani

Merry Christmas, my love. This is the fourth Christmas without you. Never did I think I could survive all this time without you but I have. Although I should know better I still wished so hard to have you for Christmas but since I can’t I decided to donate your gift to the organization that [...]

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Not so happily ever after

Imagine being excited about something in your life. Something that you’ve already done but it’s different this time around because you have more experience and you just loved doing it the first time that you knew the second time around would be amazing! You are so excited and confident it’s going to turn out even [...]

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A letter to my earth humans

Because I love you more than you know and because I didn't always feel like the best mother, I want you to know... I apologize I apologize for whenever I lost my temper. I apologize if I wasn’t patient enough. I apologize for the many times you saw me cry and couldn’t understand why. I [...]

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