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About Heather Butler

Heather Butler is a proud Colorado native and a mountain girl through and through. She is married to her best friend and lumberjack of a husband. They have 2 daughters (who are by far the coolest little people ever) and 1 on the way. They also have 2 precious heaven babies who were lost in miscarriages at 13 weeks and 5 weeks. Although all too brief, their little lives continually reveal a lifetime’s worth of beauty and truth. Through their entrances into heaven, Heather found her calling and passion in life-to walk alongside other women in their journey of loss and healing-and is currently writing her first book on the topic. Heather shares her adventures as a wife, momma and woman on her website, Faithfulness Declared.

Motherhood After Loss

    We lost our first baby, who we named Lavender, when I was 13 weeks pregnant. There were no obvious reasons as to why I lost my baby. I was young. I was healthy. Everything seemed to fine, until suddenly, everything wasn’t fine. I became pregnant again soon after our loss. That pregnancy was [...]

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5 Things to Do for Yourself After a Miscarriage

After my miscarriages, my whole world turned upside down. My heart, my mind and my body had changed—and I really didn’t know what my new normal looked like. In the midst of all the pain and unknowns, I knew I needed to take care of myself and create a safe place to grieve and heal. [...]

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When It Happens Again

It was during an early morning visit to the bathroom that I realized I had lost my first baby. I was bleeding and it was red—the 2 things that bring terror to a pregnant woman’s heart. That moment became a snapshot that was burned into my memory—holding the blood-soaked toilet paper. When I became pregnant [...]

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She Said Their Names

  “Lavender and Pine,” I said in a sort of disbelief that the moment was happening. For so long I had anticipated the moment I would tell our oldest daughter about her heaven-siblings. I looked forward to the day I would share their names with her and talk about their lives. It was impossible to [...]


  The first time I walked through those hospital doors…it didn't feel real. But the extreme pain my body was experiencing kept my mind tied to reality. This was happening. My late-night ER visit was for reasons that every pregnant woman dreads—blood and pain. So much pain. The first time I walked through those hospital [...]

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Let’s Talk About Miscarriage

I never thought it would be me. Maybe it was sweet naivety because this was my first pregnancy. Maybe it was ignorance because I never saw it happen to anyone I knew well. Or maybe it was just misinformation that silence can perpetuate. Whatever the reason, I was far removed from the reality of baby [...]

Dear New Year

Dear New Year, Everyone is calling you happy. Everyone else is rejoicing in the fresh start, new beginning and adventures you are bringing them, but I am meeting you broken. I lost my baby a few weeks before you appeared, and to me, you are not happy or fresh or new. Time no longer applies [...]

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The Ache of Christmas Eve

It was autumn. The leaves were turning colors and the air was crisp. The cool temperatures were intensifying daily and making way for snowflakes that would soon fall to earth. It was beautiful. And lovely. And pain-filled. A few weeks prior, I had lost my baby at 13 weeks. Since retailers gear up for Christmas [...]

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Giving Them Names

To say the grieving process is a complicated thing would be a major understatement. There is no straight line to healing. In my own experience I’ve felt that my healing process is more of a constantly changing spiral than a line. I have found myself many times spiraling back to familiar pains that I thought [...]

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