Franchesca Cox

About Franchesca Cox

Franchesca Cox is a creative soul, often lost in words, paint and dirt from her backyard garden. She learned all about loss, and life after loss when she survived the death of her first child in 2009. Since then she has had the absolute honor of bringing two beautiful children into the world. Her last pregnancy spurred a book, Celebrating Pregnancy Again, into production, when she felt the need for an informal “guide” to surviving pregnancy after the loss of a child. She also founded Still Standing Magazine, a sister site to PALS in 2012 in her first daughter’s memory. She recently began her journey to a holistic lifestyle, and looks forward to sharing ways to focus your wild energy during PAL, center your emotions, find relaxation, find creative and simple ways to offer yourself much needed self-care, and celebrate this impossible chapter of your life. You can find her work, Wildfeathers Vintage on Facebook, her blog and instagram.

Celebrating Pregnancy Again Book Giveaway

About Celebrating Pregnancy Again: For a time that should be filled with pure joy and anticipation, pregnancy proves to be a fierce battle between grief and joy after the loss of a child. This book follows the author's journey from loss to subsequent pregnancy, with encouragement along the way on how to handle the 'new [...]

10 Reasons to Document Your Pregnancy After Loss With Shameless Selfies

I am not a big fan of selfies, unless of course it has to do with the miracle of carrying new life into this world and celebrating it with shameless shots of your ever growing bump! You might feel totally out of your comfort zone, and that is to be expected. Few women feel at [...]

The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga (especially after loss)

It is no secret that pregnancy after a loss can increase your anxiety and stress levels. Yoga is hands down one of the best ways to tackle these problems, and can render several benefits on you and your little one. 1. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand. Deliberately relaxing your body, your mind and your spirit [...]