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Erin Kuhn-Krueger is a 5x miscarriage survivor (including a daughter, Baby Krueger, at 16 weeks 6 days in April 2010), and a 2x stillbirth survivor (twins, Sarah and Benjamin, at 20 weeks 5 days in October 2012). After her 4th loss, Erin created the blog and resource portal, Will CarryOn, for those experiencing baby loss, and learning to live and survive life after loss. She writes from the heart, touching on oft-taboo subjects, showcasing the struggles, determination and hope that have kept her (and her husband) together, and moving forward. She believes the more people talk about baby loss, the less alone those walking a similar path will feel. Erin received a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Drake University where she studied advertising and marketing. She uses her personal experiences and marketing background to shape her advocacy work and community outreach in the adoption, loss and infertility arena. In addition to her writing, and speaking at support groups and conferences, Erin also works as the Community Outreach Director for The Blossom Method, a center providing therapeutic support and counseling for infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, baby loss, pregnancy after loss, postpartum depression, and more. Erin and her husband, Aaron, live in the suburbs of Chicago, and are parents of three sons: C, by way of domestic adoption (May 2013), and J (August 2014) and E (September 2017), after successfully carrying two pregnancies to term. You can find her on Twitter, and follow Will CarryOn on Twitter and Facebook.

Please Bring My Baby Back to Me

There’s nothing more terrifying than handing your rainbow over to a medical team for surgery. We're currently recovering with our youngest, Little E, who had a somewhat minor procedure last Thursday. It was an exact replica of a surgery his older brothers had before him, yet I found that I had to pull out my [...]

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The Intention of Goals

In college, I had my life figured all out...or so I thought. I'd get a job. Move into the city with friends. Establish my career. Marry at 27. And start having the first of my two kids at 30 (so my husband and I could have some time as “just us” first). Well, let’s see [...]

The Other PAL: Patience. Assistance. Love (and Learning).

What comes up when you think about pregnancy after loss (PAL)? For many of us, it is fear, anxiety, worry, and wonder, all wrapped up in excitement, hope and yearning. But does it have to focus on the negative and scary? OK, bear with me now. I know you're thinking, easy for you to say, [...]

Playing the Cards You’re Dealt after Pregnancy Loss

"It's not fair!" "How come this keeps happening?" "Why me?" These are a few of the less graphic questions I asked the Universe when trying for our family. Wallowing in self-pity was easy to do. As was--I'm ashamed to admit--questioning why others "deserved" their family. Pregnancy loss messes with your mind in every way imaginable. [...]

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How Sweet It Is: Rediscovering Halloween after Loss

There's fewer things better than going from "When will we ever..." to "We finally get to..." when it comes to life after loss. Some of these are huge, from getting matched for an adoption, to getting pregnant again, to parent a living child. Most others, however, are the small day-to-day, sometimes mundane activities that most [...]

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The Days that Everything Changed

I was working at a trade show in New York on September 11, 2001. Far enough away that I wasn't physically impacted by the devastation, but close enough to see the smoke coming from the Towers, the emergency response vehicles in motion, and the panic and fear in everyone around me. We left the Javits [...]

Adoption is not a Lifetime Movie

I'm an open book when it comes to sharing the story of our losses. I'm always willing to talk about how we adopted and then went on to successfully carry two pregnancies to term. Sharing these stories are my way of still continuing to process what has happened, and honoring our children who aren't with [...]

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Don’t Shame Us for Trying (Again)

You see those faces in the photo? That there, is pure joy. Those are the faces of relief, disbelief and excitement. They are of perseverance and resilience, stubbornness and determination. Those faces—our faces—are the reason we kept pushing through seven losses, to bring home our first child. Truth be told, there was a time we [...]

To My Husband on Father’s Day

To My Husband on Father's Day, Hey you. Remember me? Remember us? Over the years, we've experienced pretty much everything together, from the trying and losses, through grief and sadness, to joy and relief, and back again. There were days we didn't think we'd make it. Days we thought we'd never have living children. And [...]

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The Pride in Sharing Mother’s Day

My son, C's umbilical cord fell off on Mother's Day 2013. To many, this is a disgusting fact to remember, let alone tell others. But to me, it was so packed with symbolism. You see, he was our first baby we actually were able to bring home after our seven losses. And he came to [...]

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