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Elizabeth Thoma lives in the Bay Area, California, with her husband, Chris, and two cats, JJ and Pepper. She found out she was expecting their first child Mother’s Day weekend, 2014. With mild symptoms and no significant early warning signs, they adjusted to pregnancy and eagerly planned for their growing family. At the second trimester anatomy scan, they found out they were having a son and that he had an abdominal wall defect, an omphalocele. Ever the planners, Elizabeth and Chris prepared themselves and their families for what the omphalocele meant in a best-case scenario, and some of the possibilities that couldn’t be diagnosed in utero. Their son, Oberon, was born six weeks early and had his omphalocele surgery within his first twelve hours of life. The surgery went well, but Obie was having trouble breathing. At first, the doctors thought it was related to his large tongue, one of the many indicators that he had Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome. When Obie was one week old, the doctors told Chris and Elizabeth that somewhere along the line, Obie’s brain stopped developing. While they could control his seizures somewhat with heavy medication, Obie’s brain would never develop and he would not be able to walk, talk, or even communicate. At this point, they decided to switch Obie to comfort care and try to take him home from the NICU. They successfully broke out of the NICU and Obie rode home in an ambulance. Bringing their son home brought much comfort to their family. Obie passed away at home in his daddy’s arms at 33 days old. Elizabeth found out she was pregnant with their second child a week after Mother’s Day, 2015. Her second son, Everett, was born January 7, 2016. Elizabeth and Chris blog at about their family at Our Little Beastie.

PAL: It Takes A Village

Whether it's pregnancy after loss or parenting after loss, we need support. Sometimes the people who were in our lives before our loss don't know what to do, and we loss moms don't always know what we need.  That's where peer-to-peer support groups can come in and help in ways we never imagined. In person [...]

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5 Phrases My Loss Mom Heart Can’t Take

My boys, photo by Abby Alger Photography. I never know when I'm going to get hit in the face with grief.  Sometimes it's random, but sometimes I can trace it.  A conversation, a Facebook post, a movie...often it's something someone says. For example, I was recently in a meeting discussing a project and [...]

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I Still Need Your Support

Dear friend, You.  Yes, you. Don't be afraid to talk about my children - all of them.  Every time you say my son's name confirms that he was here, he existed.  As his mother, he is a constant presence in my mind.  Sometimes it all feels like a dream, especially as time increases the distance [...]

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Parenting After Loss: The Most Intense Time Of The Year

The end of year rush is stressful on all families, on all people.  For my family, there are additional lenses intensifying the time. November 24 is my first son's birthday.  December 9 is when we took him out of the NICU into hospice care at our home.  December 28 is the day he died. This [...]

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Parenting After Loss: Trying To Find The Balance

Evie with his brother's "O" I'm having a hard time finding the balance between my son in my arms and my son in my heart.  Like most moms, I wish I had more time.  I wish I had more energy.  I wish I wasn't so forgetful. I've finally hit a sort of rhythm [...]

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Loss: When Seeming Better Feels Worse

To the outside observer, I probably seem "OK."  I'm eating well, I sleep a healthy amount for someone with an infant, and I laugh (or at least smile) almost every day.  I can't say that I've done these things every day during life after loss, but the days I do greatly outnumber the days I don't. [...]

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Hyperbole is the Worst

Yeah, yeah, I know.  I'm the worst. Hyperbole has taken hold in everyday language, and it robs me of ways to express myself and my grief.  So many times words get thrown around that are much more extreme than circumstances warrant.  Words like: Devastated Suffering Soul-crushing Torture Depressing Miserable Heartbroken I know these words.  I [...]

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To the Loss Dad on Father’s Day

Another Mother's Day is behind us, but Father's Day is right around the corner. Loss dads deserve our acknowledgement, empathy, and understanding.  They are our co-parents, our partners, and often our supporters.  While every family is different and every partnership is different, we have all experienced a horrible loss.  So, loss dads, I'm talking to [...]

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