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Eileen Tully is a wife, a mother, an artist, and a writer. She lives with her husband and four of her young children in southern New Hampshire. She will be writing weekly about her current pregnancy again after the loss of her twins and the feelings that accompany each stage. Eileen creates memorial artwork and writes about life after loss on her blog, Little Winged Ones.

He’s here! Bump Day Blogger Eileen – Birth Story

Well, it's hard to believe that our little one is almost two weeks old already.  I've always believed that something strange happens to the time-space continuum when you have a baby. The days and weeks leading up to the birth drag on so slowly, but everything travels at warp speed once they arrive. On Friday, [...]

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It’s time! Bump Day Blogger Eileen Week 36

This Friday, we get to meet our little boy. I am just starting to feel this week that things will be okay. That he will be healthy and alive and safe.  It only took 37 weeks to get there!  He's been squirming and kicking every day, and it is easier now to have confidence now [...]

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Ten Days! Bump Day Blogger Eileen Week 35

As I write this post, it is just ten days until our new babe arrives. TEN! I have been so busy with the preparations for Christmas and trying to get our family (and myself) healthy that the time is just flying by.  Last week, I didn't get to write because our entire family had massive [...]

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Waiting and Hoping – Bump Day Blogger Eileen Week 33

In these weeks leading up to the birth of our baby, we find ourselves celebrating Advent, and the expectancy of another birth as well.  I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas or Advent, but our family does, and as we talk about the coming holiday, we reflect on the wait and the excitement that comes [...]

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Feeling Distant – Bump Day Blogger Eileen Week 32

There are so many things that are exciting about this stage in pregnancy. The baby is moving all the time and I can actually identify some of the movements as kicks or punches. He stretches and rolls and has regular hiccups. I can feel his legs and his back and his bottom. He is growing [...]

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Giving Thanks – Bump Day Blogger Eileen Week 31

This week things are holding steady in my pregnancy.  I made one call to the OB's office the other day for something that felt silly - my baby was moving more than usual.  The OB nurse I talked to almost chuckled a little as I explained that I had grown accustomed to feeling his movements at certain times and [...]

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Not Long Now – Bump Day Blogger Eileen Week 30

It's all happening so fast now. I can't believe we are already halfway through November. I've definitely passed from the sweet stage - those weeks when you're no longer nauseous and not yet big enough to be uncomfortable - into the large, uncomfortable stage. Mornings are generally starting at 4 a.m., as I can't stand to [...]

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Counting Kicks- Bump Day Blogger Eileen Week 29

This is the week that kick counting started in earnest. It's nerve wracking a little, isn't it?  I mean, I have an anterior placenta, so I don't feel movements quite as strongly as I have in other pregnancies yet. Sometimes it seems like my little guy is facing my back, so while I feel more subtle [...]

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The Things we do for Love – Bump Day Blogger Eileen Week 28

Well, baby and I made it past my milestone just fine, thankfully, and this week, I have been thinking about labor. And love. At my obstetrician's visit yesterday, we discussed scheduling my c-section. I have had three children with vaginal deliveries, then labored and had an emergency c-section with my twins who died, and then [...]

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Hitting THAT Milestone – Bump Day Blogger Eileen Week 27

It's different for each of us, but most of us have one. Unless we lost our babies after a full-term delivery, during this pregnancy, we will all pass the milestone at which it happened. "It" could be the day that we learned our baby no longer had a heartbeat, or the day that our baby was [...]

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