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About Darrell Paul

Darrell Paul lives in Maryland with his wife, Kristen Paul, where he works as an engineer. After struggling with infertility, Darrell and Kristen were thrilled when their first attempt at IVF succeeded in 2014 with the conception of their son, William Edward Paul. They were absolutely devastated when cervical insufficiency resulted in William's death on August 1, 2014. Since then, Darrell has struggled with the lack of resources available to grieving fathers. Darrell hopes that his perspective will help other grieving fathers. You can contact Darrell at darrellfpaul@gmail.com

Life, Intensified

Life with an infant is so much more focused than life without.  As Nigel the guitarist said in the movie 'Spinal Tap', my life 'goes to eleven' now. Every moment with our son, Noah, is irreplaceable. Each day he's a little bit bigger and a little more capable than the day before, so each day [...]

Noah’s Birth Story, from His Dad’s Perspective

When we made it to November 1st and Kristen was still pregnant, we were thrilled. We've had a planned C-section date of November 24 since maybe week 8 of the pregnancy. That date has a lot of meaning for us because it marks exactly four years since the day that we first met. It also [...]

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The Juggling Act

I didn't expect to be at the end of October with a still-pregnant-wife. Our doctors didn't expect that, either. But here we are. Kristen is still pregnant, Noah is still growing. Life feels a little like this right now. Only, I would never wear pants like that. At this point, I'm ready for [...]

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Most of the time, I don’t have time to be scared

Because my wife, Kristen, is now on bed rest, my life has gotten busier. Immediately after she went on bed rest, I made some changes at work and went on semi-permanent night-shift. This suits me better because I'm a natural night owl. If I'm going to work and take care of things around the house, [...]

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New Territory

This past month has been a rather emotional one for me and Kristen. We are now past two important days: the one year anniversary of William's death and the gestational age in this current pregnancy where we lost William. Now we are almost at 25 weeks along with Noah. This means that our worries are [...]

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