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Cheli Blasco is mom to three sons and one daughter, Luna, who died and was born at home in a beautiful and loving birth that was both heart-wrenching and healing. Originally from Argentina, long-time resident of NYC and currently living in Spain, she is a doula and birth advocate.  Cheli also writes for Mirar al Cielo and has self published a book of essays and poetry in Spanish Para Luna, de mamá. She writes for PALS with the love and help of her youngest, a wild little rainbow.


I don't nonchalantly want to get pregnant. I really really want to get pregnant. Every part of who I am wants to have a little baby. I want to be pregnant, I want to feel that my body is round and huge and gorgeous with baby. I want to give birth. I want to be [...]

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Connect, Create, Dare

It is so easy, during pregancy after loss, to lose ourselves in the turbulant feelings that take over us. It is such a complex pregnancy, after we have known the death of a child, it requires so much bravery to accept the challenge to dream again. Not just to dream, but somehow even though we [...]

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Guilty Confession: I wanted a girl (*)

I never hoped I would have a daughter. I simply assumed I would. Being the oldest of four sisters myself, I somewhat assumed after one got pregnant, one naturally had a baby girl. I had two boys. Two gorgeous, live, healthy, beautifully crazy and loving boys that are pure joy. When I got pregnant the [...]

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10 Reminders for my Body and Heart as I Try to Conceive

"The flower of life" The idea of being pregnant again is exciting and, mostly, overwhelming. Sometimes it seems so daunting, so scary. Yet, wanting a baby is such a strong pull. Whenever something is so big and so important and so scary, I try to focus on the here and now. Break it [...]

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Wish, hope and fear: about that rainbow

We always dreamed of having lots of kids. A room full of babies, we said. (Clearly way before we knew what having any number of babies entailed.) Even before getting pregnant with Luna we knew she wouldn't be our youngest child. But. But Luna lived only inside me. She is our third child, our only [...]

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