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Catherine Keating lives in Seattle, WA with her husband Joe, her son Tucker and daughter Grace, and two wild and crazy dogs. She is an early childhood and special education teacher by training, as well as a certified Yoga Instructor. She began writing stories at a young age, always knowing she had a story to tell the world. When she lost her first two babies, she discovered what that story was to be – a story of finding joy again after loss. Catherine’s first book, There Was Supposed To Be a Baby: A Guide to Healing After Pregnancy Loss was published last year. In this PALS series, she will be focusing on ways in which the techniques she used for her grief, namely yoga, meditation, and finding joy in the every day, helped her to also navigate the world of Pregnancy After Loss. You can get in touch with Catherine at her website, There Was Supposed To Be A Baby or on her Facebook page.

my inner trust

Beautiful one - You are reading this, somewhere along your healing journey. Perhaps you've just discovered you are pregnant again, perhaps you are cradling a newborn in your arms. You are nurturing yourself and another life, and chances are, you are still missing and longing for the life you lost. Where ever you are, I [...]

making the space

I just spent the last hour holding my 5 year old (almost kindergarten!) son as he slept on my shoulder. I held him, let the house messes go, decided to ignore the phone call coming in, tuned out the world around me. And I held him. I smelled his sweaty head, felt his still small [...]

mental health: fear vs. love

May, as you have probably heard, is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month. An important topic for all mamas, for sure, but very much so - maybe especially so - for Pregnancy and Parenting After Loss moms. The mental health journey is real - and absolutely essential. I recently was cleaning out a drawer and found [...]

spring’s inspirations

Hey there gorgeous mama. Here in Seattle, spring has been creeping in on us for some time now. The flowers, the smells, the richness in the air is almost too rich to bear some days. So gorgeous it makes my heart explode. One particular day in February I stumbled on this scene and gasped. I [...]

You are a Perfect Mama

To you, my gorgeous mama. I want you to hear this, I want you to know this, I want you to feel this deep in the fibers of your being. You are loved. You are so loved. By people in your life, by your babies, by the Universe at large. You are loved at every [...]

The words I choose.

The words I choose. The words I choose for my world are essential. When the light in my eyes grows dim, when my spirit fades into exhaustion, I know it is time to reframe the words I choose to live in. Even just now they started – once my pen hit the paper, the nasty [...]

searching for light

Hello, dear ones. It's that time of year. The season when the lights are bright, the night (and day where I live) is dark, are our hearts can be somewhere in between the two.  For me, personally, it has been a little more challenging than usual to keep my inner light burning brightly this month. [...]

May all beings be happy and free from suffering.

May all beings be happy and free from suffering.  That is the basic translation for one of my favorite mantras, Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. It's that time of year again - the time for people to see, parties to attend, family to host, gratitude to abound.  Maybe. Perhaps this is a welcome time of year for you. [...]

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coming home.

Hello Beautiful Mama, This month I have a question for you. Maybe a simple one, maybe not. Who were you before your journey to 'mother' - pregnant mother, loss mother, mother to a new baby, mother wherever you are today? Who were you?  Well, the truth is, you were you and you still are you, [...]

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