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Amanda Ross-White’s first pregnancy ended in the stillbirth of her twins, Nathaniel and Samuel, in 2007. Since then, she has had two miscarriages, and two successful pregnancies, her daughter born safe in 2009 and her son in 2012. She is also the author of Joy at the End of the Rainbow: A Guide to Pregnancy After a Loss.

When you are a mother

So many times I heard this phrase: "When you are a mother." It is always meant casually, sometimes even as a joke. “Sleep now, because when you are a mother….” Or “When you are a mother, you’ll see things differently.” Another phrase that should come with a warning. When do you become a mother? I [...]

My book is here! Joy at the End of the Rainbow

I’m a librarian, so maybe it’s natural that when I became pregnant again after a loss, the first thing I did was look for a book. I had my copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting that my husband had given me when I was first pregnant. But as I looked through it for [...]

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Mary, Did You Know?

The first few Christmases after my sons died were unbearable. Having Jesus as a baby, when you have no baby in your arms, was incredibly difficult. Seeing pregnant Mary hurt. Here she was, with apparently no difficulties carrying a baby to term despite being a teenager, living as a nomad and giving birth in an [...]

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Breaking the silence with nurses

PALS blogger Amanda Ross-White delivers the keynote at the National Nursing Assessment Service Conference Stillbirth does not get enough attention. It does not get enough attention from researchers. It does not get enough attention from the doctors, midwives and nurses who care for us. It does not get enough attention from the public. [...]

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How to make a kick counting bracelet!

A keepsake kick counter bracelet is a fun craft and can be personalized any way you want! There are lots of kick counters available for your phone, but why not make one that you can keep forever. A kick counter bracelet can be a great way to help bond with this baby, count [...]

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Not. Your. Fault.

When it comes to the death of your baby, who do you blame? Do you blame yourself? And how is that affecting your pregnancy this time? Earlier this year, the Lancet launched its second huge series on stillbirth. I’m going to take just one question from one article in that series and explore it in [...]

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Rainbows and Goodbyes

Last night, I drove my living children home in the pouring rain. They were both crying too, because our trip had been to the airport. We had dropped my sister off to catch her flight home to Singapore and would not being seeing her for another year. At least. The kids were devastated. Their beloved aunt was leaving [...]

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Taking medication when pregnant

  With my first pregnancy after loss, my grief over losing the boys was still very raw and close to my heart. I still was showing a lot of symptoms of depression, so my doctor kept me on antidepressant medication. In my case, I was prescribed citalopram. With a small dose, I was able to [...]

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Rainbows on Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day and my rainbow son’s birthday as well. He’s 4 today and filled with all the excitement a 4 year old on his birthday can handle. Cake and ice cream! New Paw Patrol toys! Balloons! In sharing his birthday with Mother’s Day, the second celebration gets a little lost. This was on [...]

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