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Alli Ryan is honored to witness and support the power of love. She is the founder of The Rainbow Sisters, LLC which offers certified full service doula support and childbirth education, including donated services to families experiencing loss. Alli also co-facilitates a support group for pregnant and parenting rainbow moms and organizes birth and family professional meetings on the topic of pregnancy and infant loss. She and her military husband have had a difficult journey to parenthood, experiencing multiple early pregnancy losses before their daughter Scarlett was born. In 2011, their youngest daughter Vivian was stillborn on a rainy day in May. They made the decision to try again and their son Jude was born in 2012 with a congenital heart defect, requiring open heart surgery at five days old. Her personal experiences have profoundly evolved her professional work and Alli is dedicated to supporting families on their own paths through parenthood.

Dear Lady at the Library,

Dear Lady at the Library, I want to start this letter by first saying thank you. Your acknowledgment of my round tummy came from a good place and in some ways helped me feel like any other pregnant mama walking about in public. However, your question, “Is this your first baby?” causes me to catch [...]

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Motherhood: United in Worry

Just like the journey we are all on, this post took an unexpected turn. I had promised a childbirth educator’s perspective on the stages and phases of labor with a unique focus on pregnancy after loss; today’s specific topic would have been on active labor. However, it’s May and Mothers’ Day and four years ago [...]

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Go Rainbow: Pregnancy After Loss Childbirth Education – A Series

One of the ripple effects of pregnancy loss is often that women (and their partner or labor support team) don’t finish or never begin a childbirth education course. Unfortunately in pregnancies after loss, it becomes complicated, both logistically and emotionally, to retake or begin a series. We know that the information gained in childbirth education [...]

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4 C’s of Support

Support is one of those terms we hear a lot in pregnancy and parenting after loss. But what does real support feel like? How do we know if we are supported? Each mama, partnership, and blossoming family deserves to feel support all along the journey; pregnancies after loss are no exception. I've categorized the key [...]

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Celebrating the Darkness and the Light

‘Tis the season for many diverse and often bittersweet emotions, especially when pregnant and/or parenting after loss. It feels like a constant dance between joy and despair as we sit in the spaces of what could have been, what is, and what it will be. These polarizing feelings are important and healthy in any rainbow [...]

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5 Reasons Doulas Are the Unicorns of Rainbow Pregnancies

Most people think of unicorns when they think of rainbows. They just go together, with all the magic and mysticism they represent. Some people use the term rainbow baby, or baby born after pregnancy loss, and they have that same sense of dreaminess and hope. The following reasons are why doulas are like unicorns, and [...]