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About Erin Kuhn-Krueger

Erin Kuhn-Krueger is a 5x miscarriage survivor (including a daughter, Baby Krueger, at 16 weeks 6 days), and a 2x stillbirth survivor (twins, Sarah and Benjamin, at 20 weeks 5 days). After her 4th loss, Erin created the blog and resource portal, Will CarryOn, for those experiencing baby loss, and learning to live and survive life after loss. She writes from the heart, touching on oft-taboo subjects, showcasing the struggles, determination and hope that have kept her (and her husband) together, and moving forward. She believes the more people talk about baby loss, the less alone those walking a similar path will feel. Erin received a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Drake University where she studied advertising and marketing. She uses her personal experiences and marketing background to shape her advocacy work and community outreach in the adoption, loss and infertility arena. In addition to her writing, Erin also works as the Community Outreach Director for The Blossom Method, a center providing therapeutic support and counseling for infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, baby loss, pregnancy after loss, postpartum depression, and more. Erin and her husband, Aaron, live in Chicago, and are parents of a son, C, by way of domestic adoption (May 2013), and another son, J, after successfully carrying a pregnancy to term (August 2014). You can find her on Twitter, and follow Will CarryOn on Twitter and Facebook.

To My Husband on Father’s Day

To My Husband on Father's Day, Hey you. Remember me? Remember us? Over the years, we've experienced pretty much everything together, from the trying and losses, through grief and sadness, to joy and relief, and back again. There were days we didn't think we'd make it. Days we thought we'd never have living children. And [...]

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The Pride in Sharing Mother’s Day

My son, C's umbilical cord fell off on Mother's Day 2013. To many, this is a disgusting fact to remember, let alone tell others. But to me, it was so packed with symbolism. You see, he was our first baby we actually were able to bring home after our seven losses. And he came to [...]

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The Alarms that Sound

Each week the alarms sound: Monday evening at 5:43; Wednesday evening at 6:17; and Thursday morning at 9:08. Three different songs begin, and remind me to pause, breathe, and look around. Three moments in time that, no matter what else is happening, remind me how grateful I am to have three beautiful, healthy boys at [...]

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My Body the Rockstar

There were many years that I didn't like my body. I'm not talking the average my thighs are too big, my boobs aren't big enough, variety. Rather the "How could you do this to me?" and "How could you fail me and let me down time and time again?" Then there was the physical toll [...]

The Sharing of Rainbows

When we brought our son, C home, we weren’t sure he was going to stay. You see, we were adopting, and in Illinois paperwork cannot be signed by a birth mother until at least 72 hours after birth. We spent our time in the hospital bonding with him like any new parents: snuggling, telling him our [...]

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The Birth Plan: Pregnancy After Loss Style

It was 2:30 on a Monday morning, the Kennedy Expressway was empty, and I was "gently" encouraging Aaron to be safe, but drive faster. We were on our way to Northwestern's Prentice Hospital in Chicago—some 25 miles away—and my contractions were coming on more intensely, about every 5 minutes. I really didn't want to be [...]

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The Importance of Pals During PAL

The overwhelm has been big lately. Between working full time, parenting 3 and 4 year old boys, the exhaustion of the 3rd trimester, and the extra anxiety that comes along with being pregnant after loss (PAL), there has been little time for me to focus on me. Truth be told, I've never been good about [...]

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B’sha’ah Tovah: All in Good Time

I used to be a pretty superstitious person. And then all of sudden, I wasn't. Well that's not entirely true, I may still have some leftover quirks, but after we lost Baby Krueger, I realized that I just can't be that person any more. While I've never been a gambler, playing the odds when it [...]

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Finding Presence of Mind During PAL

It never really goes away, does it? The fear. The anxiety. The wonder and worry. Sure it subsides sometimes, even for long periods of time, but it is always happy to rear its ugly head and hit you smack in the face when you're not expecting it. I guess I should've expected it in pregnancy [...]

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