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About Elizabeth Schulmeister

Elizabeth and her husband were high school sweethearts and began dating when they were 14. They married after 9 years together at the age of 23 and a year later began making plans to start growing their family. It was a long and difficult journey to get pregnant but with the help of fertility treatments conceived boy/girl twins. Everything changed when the twins unexpectedly made their arrival at 25 weeks gestation. Two days after birth, their sweet daughter, Mary Glen, passed away leaving them heartbroken and trying to figure out this new life they were forced to live post-loss. Elizabeth began writing an occasional blog as a way to honor Mary's memory and release some of the anger, fear and sadness at Finding Mary's Way. Elizabeth has just recently given birth to her rainbow baby.

A Year In The Light of Our Rainbow

Our sweet rainbow is one year old today. He has brought a new life and light into our family. After our daughter died, the days and nights were dark and heavy. They were filled with tears that I never thought would end. I wanted so desperately to be pregnant again-- to create a life, not [...]

8 Ways I’m Becoming The Mother I Want To Be

When my daughter died I became a shell of the mother I was supposed to be. I was depressed. I was hurting. I was anxious. I was bereft. I was left to parent my surviving twin and I knew I couldn't give him everything he needed because half of my heart was in heaven. Those [...]

No Summit

Some days when my boys are just too sweet I feel like my heart will burst watching and admiring them. Then I think how much fuller it should be if I could watch all three of my babies playing, laughing and dancing. There's this constant up and down. Just when I think of how beautiful [...]

Dear Mama Running This Grueling PAL Marathon,

Dear Mama Running This Grueling PAL Marathon, I'm by no means a runner but I've done a few endurance races in my time. Right now you are pregnant after loss and you are in this grueling race you never thought you'd be in, but you have the strength to make it through. There is no [...]

Infertility… Again

I had expected it since we walked through our journey of infertility to get pregnant the first time, but dealing with infertility after losing our daughter seemed extra cruel. Although I anticipated we would probably have to go through fertility treatments again once we were ready to conceive after Mary died, a part of me [...]

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Choosing To Embrace The Now

I have spent most of the last 2.5 years wanting to go forward or back in time. I was living in the past; wanting to go back to before Mary died, before our world crashed down. I was living in the future; I wanted to move, I wanted another baby, I wanted a lot to [...]

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Feeling Less

After losing my daughter and learning how to parent her surviving twin, I just felt like less of a mother. I was supposed to be a mother of two. I felt like I couldn't quite connect with my son how I envisioned I would. I felt less present than I should've been. I felt less [...]

Fear of Forgetting

After I got pregnant with my rainbow I was presented with this new fear-- the fear of forgetting. Now, this fear was two-fold. It was the fear that, with this new baby, people would begin to forget about Mary; they'd forget that we were still hurting. They'd forget that our family was still incomplete. However, [...]

Learning to Parent While Learning to Grieve

Learning to parent a medically fragile baby while also learning to grieve as a bereaved parent was beyond confusing and overwhelming. I know that I am not alone in being a parent of a "twinless twin". When my babies came into this world 15 weeks too early, we were instantly shoved into parenthood. We were [...]

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