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Apply to Join the Pregnancy after TFMR Support Group

We’re very sorry that you have a reason to join our pregnancy after TFMR support group. We strive to make this group a safe and supportive place to help you cope with the conflicting emotions of grief and joy while you are pregnant after a loss. We know that having a safe place is vital for our Courageous Mamas who have had to terminate for medical reasons. Because of this, we require all new members of the Pregnancy after TFMR Support Group fill out the following application. Our questions may seem somewhat intrusive. We ask all new members these questions in order to verify that they’ve undergone a pregnancy termination due to prenatal or maternal diagnosis. We do not share this information with anyone. We value your privacy.

  • For faster service you may paste in the link to your Facebook profile below. Please note, we allow only active profiles in our group: empty, fake, "extra" or brand new profiles will be turned down for membership. This is for the safety and security of all group members. The group is private and secret, so your friends will not see that you are a member or see your activity there.