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Current Bloggers

Kasey Schultz-Saindon

Kasey Schultz-Saindon is a psychologist who lives in the suburbs of Chicago, IL with her husband, Eric, and their puppy. Kasey and Eric began their journey towards parenthood in July 2016. They have lost two baby boys at 20 weeks gestation, the first in November 2016 and the second in October 2017. With the help of genetic testing and incredible medical providers, the genetic mutation that affected their baby boys was identified. Kasey and Eric were able to utilize IVF to transfer an unaffected embryo, and they are hoping for their rainbow to finally arrive in March 2019. Kasey has been incredibly grateful for the support of the pregnancy loss and pregnancy after loss community throughout this journey and is excited to share her experiences during her third pregnancy.

Heather Butler

Heather Butler is a proud Colorado native and a mountain girl through and through. She is married to her best friend and lumberjack of a husband. They have 2 daughters (who are by far the coolest little people ever) and 1 on the way. They also have 2 precious heaven babies who were lost in miscarriages at 13 weeks and 5 weeks. Although all too brief, their little lives continually reveal a lifetime’s worth of beauty and truth. Through their entrances into heaven, Heather found her calling and passion in life-to walk alongside other women in their journey of loss and healing-and is currently writing her first book on the topic. Heather shares her adventures as a wife, momma and woman on her website, Faithfulness Declared.

Rebecca Christians

Rebecca Christians is a researcher who lives in Austin, TX with her husband Adam, their two pups and an ever growing flock of backyard chickens. Rebecca and Adam started trying to build a family in January of 2016 and have been learning about how little control they have over these things ever since. After a first trimester miscarriage in April 2016, Rebecca became pregnant with their son Arthur. The pregnancy, labor, and full term delivery were all perfect, but Arthur never opened his eyes or took a breath on his own. Arthur died an hour after birth for unknown reasons on April 1, 2017. Now, Rebecca and Adam are anxiously expecting Arthur’s little sister and hope to welcome her, red faced and crying, in May 2018.

Tracy McLaughlin Jaskot

Tracy McLaughlin Jaskot is an elementary educator in Massachusetts and mom to three children – her angel son Brayden, her rainbow daughter Ainsley Hope, and her second rainbow due in April 2018. She and her husband Matt lost their first son Brayden at 24 weeks gestation in May 2014 to undiagnosed severe pre-eclampsia which led to a complete concealed placental abruption. Tracy has learned and grown from his stillbirth in more ways than she could have ever imagined. The PALS community has been vital in her subsequent pregnancies, shifting her experience from understandable anxiety to embracing pregnancy with hope.

Past Bloggers

Nina Miller

Nina Miller lives, plays and works in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, Jose Gonzalez. She is vocal about mental health destigmatization and personally struggles with depression, anxiety and ADHD. Pregnancy and baby loss have been present in her life for as long as she can remember. Nina was her mom’s 4th known pregnancy after a series of losses between her brother, Marc, and herself. In addition to those losses, her eldest brother, Michael, was born prematurely and was with them for one day. After Nina’s first loss, she found herself not comfortable speaking about it but realized that she couldn’t survive the grief alone. Three losses later, she is so grateful to every woman that has shared her story, either publicly or privately, and her mother has been a great role model and comfort throughout. Her first loss was a missed miscarriage discovered at 9 weeks after they saw the heartbeat the week before. After opting for no medical intervention, her body took 11 days to miscarry. Less than a year later, she was pregnant again, and at 8 weeks it was discovered to be anembryonic. Six months after that, there was a chemical pregnancy that ended on Christmas Day. After a bit of a break from trying to conceive, she is pregnant once again and is here to talk about it. Helping to build a social script for pregnancy loss and pregnancy after loss makes all the vulnerability worth it. In addition to working as a graphic designer, Nina finds joy on stage as an improvisor, finding what is funny in the truth of being human. She lives life like it’s an improv scene, trying to say “Yes, and” to the world even when it is hard.

Laura Malcolm

Laura Malcolm is the proud mother of Layla, who was stillborn at 35 weeks in November 2013, and Diego, her little brother born in November 2014. After Laura and her husband James experienced coming home from the hospital without a child, they knew there had to be a better way to help direct families in how to most effectively give help, no matter how far away they were – and Layla’s legacy, Give InKind  was born. Laura and James now run Give InKind, while parenting an active toddler and preparing for another rainbow to join their home. You can follow the Give InKind journey on the webFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Mikey Fuller

Mikey Fuller is a military spouse who currently lives in Fort Drum, NY with her husband, Shawn. After a year of trying and going through the heartbreak of miscarriage, Mikey and her husband were finally pregnant with their daughter, Amelia. Despite having extra ultrasound scans due to developing pre-eclampsia, a rare pregnancy complication called Vasa Previa went undetected. When Mikey was 37-weeks, she was induced due to her blood pressure becoming too dangerous. However, her delivery quickly became an emergency when her water broke and the exposed blood vessel ruptured. Their daughter passed away eight short days after birth on January 6, 2016. Since their loss, Mikey and Shawn have been blessed with the opportunity to be foster parents and are currently working towards adopting their sunshine baby. Now, one year after their loss, Mikey found out that she is expecting again and decided to share her journey early on in hopes to provide courage to other/future PAL moms. In honor of their daughter, Amelia, Mikey and Shawn started Miles for Amelia to help raise awareness of Vasa Previa in hopes that no other family has to endure the preventable heartbreak they went through.

Jessica Clasby-Monk

Jessica Clasby-Monk and her wife, Natalie, went through fertility treatment shortly after getting married in 2011, and on their second IVF Jessica fell pregnant with their son. After a straightforward pregnancy, in January 2016, they discovered that Leo had unexpectedly died, and he was born a few days later. In July that year, Jessica was pregnant again but sadly miscarried at 6 weeks. Now into her third pregnancy, they are quietly hopeful for a different outcome. Since Leo was born, Jessica has openly shared their journey on her blog “The Legacy of Leo“. You can follow Jessica on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Janice Leister

Janice Leister is the Instagram Manager for Pregnancy After Loss Support, as well as a contributor to the Bump Day Blog. She lives in South Carolina with her husband and Golden Retriever, Dug. Janice experienced the loss of her first child, a little boy named Jack, in 2015. After 32 weeks of a perfectly healthy pregnancy, her blood pressure spiked, which caused a placental abruption. Unfortunately because it happened so quickly and without any noticeable symptoms, her son passed away; she delivered a beautiful child, stillborn, on March 18th. Struggling to deal with the loss, she reached out to local support groups and women with similar experiences via social media. Eleven months after their loss, she and her husband were ecstatic to learn that they were pregnant again. She is currently pregnant with their rainbow, “Bo,” and is due in October 2016. Her subsequent pregnancy led her to PALS, where she has actively been trying to help other women by sharing her own experiences of pregnancy following a loss. You can contact her on her personal Instagram account, or at her blog, The Reluctant Aviator.

Saskia Volders

Saskia Volders is a 23-year-old living in Belgium indulging in all things art and parenthood. She and hubby expected their first baby, a girl, due on the end of June. At 29 weeks their love bubble burst when they found a brain anomaly and after weeks of waiting and testing they found out that she had a chromosomal disorder with fatal consequences. Being in Belgium a special meeting was set up and within 5 minutes doctors and jury gave their verdict that their little girl was better off in heaven. Both Saskia and hubby didn’t want their daughter to be in any pain so at 32 weeks baby drifted off to eternal sleep and received her name. Eleni was born, beautiful and still. Five months later they are pregnant again and thrilled to have Elli’s sibling, but also scared and uncertain in how this new journey will turn out. Saskia addresses her posts both towards her new baby Bubba that is due around end of May/early June and towards her grief for the loss off Elli. She has written about her journey on Our Wandering Story.

Elizabeth Thoma

Elizabeth Thoma lives in the Bay Area, California, with her husband, Chris, and two cats, JJ and Pepper. She found out she was expecting their first child Mother’s Day weekend, 2014. With mild symptoms and no significant early warning signs, they adjusted to pregnancy and eagerly planned for their growing family. At the second trimester anatomy scan, they found out they were having a son and that he had an abdominal wall defect, an omphalocele. Ever the planners, Elizabeth and Chris prepared themselves and their families for what the omphalocele meant in a best-case scenario, and some of the possibilities that couldn’t be diagnosed in utero. Their son, Oberon, was born six weeks early and had his omphalocele surgery within his first twelve hours of life. The surgery went well, but Obie was having trouble breathing. At first, the doctors thought it was related to his large tongue, one of the many indicators that he had Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome. When Obie was one week old, the doctors told Chris and Elizabeth that somewhere along the line, Obie’s brain stopped developing. While they could control his seizures somewhat with heavy medication, Obie’s brain would never develop and he would not be able to walk, talk, or even communicate. At this point, they decided to switch Obie to comfort care and try to take him home from the NICU. They successfully broke out of the NICU and Obie rode home in an ambulance. Bringing their son home brought much comfort to their family. Obie passed away at home in his daddy’s arms at 33 days old. Elizabeth found out she was pregnant with their second child a week after Mother’s Day, 2015. While she is hopeful for this pregnancy, she is also anxious to pass some big milestones since no one – not the NICU doctors, not the perinatologists, not the OBGYNs, not the geneticists – knows what caused Oberon’s issues. Since they don’t know what happened, it’s hard to estimate the risk of recurrence. Her second baby is due in January, 2016. Elizabeth and Chris blog at about their family at Our Little Beastie.

Kristen Paul

Kristen Paul currently lives in Southern Maryland with her husband Darrell and their three cats Zoe, Orson, and Mr. Mustachio. After discovering that their failure to conceive was due to both female (PCOS) and male (a large pituitary tumor that had disrupted the normal hormone production necessary to allow for the formation of sperm) factors, Kristen and her husband were elated when – after 8 months of treatment for Darrell’s tumor – they became pregnant in March 2014 on their very first cycle of IVF with ICSI. In June of 2014, they were thrilled to find that they were having a healthy baby boy; after a perfect anatomy scan at 20 weeks, 2 days gestation, they expected to welcome their son in early December. Just 10 days after the anatomy scan, Kristen – experiencing mild spotting and the slightest backache – went to the emergency room, where it was discovered that she was completely effaced and dilating rapidly. Despite every intervention possible, she delivered their son, William Edward Paul, just over 6 hours after arriving at the hospital; at just 21 weeks, 5 days gestation, weighing a single pound and measuring just under eleven inches in length, he died moments after birth. After being diagnosed with cervical insufficiency, Kristen had a transabdominal cerclage placed in late December of 2014, just over two weeks after their son’s due date. In March 2015, Kristen underwent a second fresh IVF/ICSI cycle, and she and Darrell were blessed to become pregnant again. Currently 12 weeks pregnant, and with her due date just over a year after her previous one (Will was due 12/7/14, and the baby they are affectionately calling SmallPaul until they know his/her gender is due 12/12/15), she and Darrell are doing their best to balance mourning the loss of their first child less than a year ago and the excitement – and fear – of being pregnant again. Kristen may be contacted at

Tina Greer

Tina Greer is a wife and mother, currently residing in The Quad Cities, Illinois, with her husband and daughter. In October of 2012, their daughter, Juliette was born. Tina dove in to motherhood head first, determined to be the best for her sweet girl. Within the first year, Tina quit her day job to focus fully on being a mommy. Just 15 months after Juliette was born, Tina and her husband were terrified when they learned that they were expecting again. Fortunately, as reality set in that they were now parents of two, the excitement soon followed. Then, at 20 weeks they learned that their baby boy’s heart had several defects and while they were all operable, these defects had never been documented all in one heart, making his chances of survival less than ideal. On top of his CHD he also was asplenic, making him even more susceptible to infection. After given the option of termination of pregnancy several times, Tina and her husband knew that wasn’t an option for them. They were going to take this child as he was: a precious gift from God. On September 22, 2014, their son Abraham Isaiah was born at 37 weeks and 5 days. He was born blue and turning gray and had to be revived and intubated immediately. Abraham was given a 20% survival rate through the cath procedure to open up an obstruction in his pulmonary veins in his first 24 hours of life. By God’s amazing grace, he made it. His vitals started improving and he started looking more like a healthy baby. At 3 weeks old Abraham had his first OHS to reroute his pulmonary veins. His heart was healed, but he developed an infection that went septic and his tiny body couldn’t fight it. At 17 days old, on October 9th, 2014, Tina and her husband chose to take Abraham off life support, after diligent prayer and confirmation in their decision, and end his suffering. As 15+ of their closest friends and family stood around them, they sang “Amazing Grace” in harmony and handed Abraham back to Jesus. Now just 7 months after Abraham’s death, at 14 weeks pregnant, Tina is trying to grieve while praising God for new life, all while weathering the storms of pregnancy after loss. You can read more about Abraham at her blog Dear Abraham where she addresses letters to Abraham and expresses her grief, joy and the ever-changing emotions of raising a toddler.

Hyedi Nelson

Hyedi Nelson currently resides in Minnesota with her husband, dog Cole and cat Sam. In her first pregnancy, Hyedi miscarried at 5.5 weeks. After getting pregnant again in December of 2013, Hyedi and her husband grew cautiously more optimistic once they made it to the 5.5 week milestone, and then even more so after the first trimester. At the 20 week anatomy scan, right after they found out they were expecting a boy, the ultrasound technician noticed a spot near their baby’s heart that concerned him. Hyedi and her husband were sent to see specialists the following week for a level II ultrasound where their baby was diagnosed with a pericardial teratoma with a presence of hydrops fetalis. There were few treatment options available. Fetal surgery was initially presented as a possible course of action, but because of the poor outcomes and high risks associated with it, it eventually was no longer recommended. The doctors hoped that their baby would hold on until 32-34 weeks when he could be delivered and then if he were strong enough, he could be operated on at that time to have the tumor removed. But at 29.5 weeks, Hyedi experienced a Premature Rupture of Membranes and was admitted to the hospital to try and keep her pregnant for as long as possible. But later that evening, after a BPP/NST showed that their son’s condition was deteriorating, their son was delivered via C-section. Their son, who they named Charlie, was born on July 3 and passed away peacefully in Hyedi and her husband’s arms 34 minutes later. Hyedi is currently pregnant again and will be documenting her journey, including all of the ups and downs, and everything in between. She also blogs about her journey to living a healthy, balanced life at Finding a Balance.

Larissa Genat

Larissa Genat lives in Adelaide, Australia with her husband Marcus. Her firstborn, a beautiful girl named Ariella Jade, was stillborn at term in January 2013. No reason was ever found for her sudden death. After an anxious nine months, her son Levi was born safely just weeks before Ariella’s first birthday. The joy and healing he has brought to Larissa are immeasurable. She is now pregnant again and is finding it to be quite a different experience; this time hope is winning over fear. Her precious third baby is due in August. Larissa began writing shortly after Ariella’s death as a way of processing her grief and helping her friends and family understand what she was experiencing. You can read more of Larissa’s writing at Love Is Deeper Still and at Still Standing Magazine. You can also contact her on Facebook.

Aria Carlson

Aria Carlson is a wife, mother, artist, and a writer. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband and son. Five months after they were married, Aria and her husband were surprised when she became pregnant. In May of 2012, their son Toby was born. Aria struggled at first to embrace motherhood, since it happened earlier than she was planning; but her heart softened and her desires of being a stay at home mom to lots of littles began to blossom. After Toby’s first birthday, Aria and her husband were excited to learn that they were expecting again. Unfortunately the pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage. It was a difficult journey, but Aria found healing and courage to try again. In October of 2013, she became pregnant again. At 16 weeks Aria was diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma and put on bed rest. At 18 weeks she was diagnosed with a partial placental abruption and told to continue bed rest. During her 20 week ultrasound she was told that the placental bleed was healing and was hopeful for a good outcome. At 21 weeks Aria experienced severe abdominal pain so her husband took her to the hospital. They were told there that she had experienced Premature Rupture of Membranes (she thought it was just bleeding from the hematoma/placental abruption) and that there was no more amniotic fluid. Aria and her husband fought to find compassionate care in an effort to save their baby. In February of 2014, their daughter Zuri Rose was born at 22 weeks 1 day; they had five beautiful minutes with her before she passed away. Now 15 weeks pregnant, Aria is trying to grieve with grace, while navigating the challenges of a pregnancy after loss. You can read more about her journey, and the many adventures as the mom of a toddler, on her blog The Suburban Hippy Momma.

Eileen Tully

Eileen Tully is a wife, a mother, an artist, and a writer. She lives with her husband and four of her young children in southern New Hampshire. After two uneventful pregnancies, which resulted in her eldest two sons, Eileen had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. She went on to have her third son, also without any problems, but recognized that the days of the carefree pregnancy were over. When she became pregnant again, she was surprised to find out she was having identical twins. Knowing that there were many complications that were possible, Eileen asked to be monitored more frequently throughout her twin pregnancy by a perinatologist. Her requests were denied by two separate OB practices, and she was told that she did not need “extra” ultrasounds. When she finally saw a perinatologist at almost 20 weeks into the pregnancy, she learned that her twins were girls, but also that they were suffering from severe Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. She underwent in utero surgery in an effort to save them, but one of her daughters died immediately following the procedure. She carried her other daughter until going into premature labor and delivering her at 28 weeks. Her second daughter lived in the NICU for 47 days before succumbing to an infection and dying suddenly and unexpectedly. When she became pregnant again, Eileen was filled with fear and anxiety, but she finally welcomed a healthy baby girl into her family. Now, pregnant once more, Eileen will be writing weekly about her current pregnancy and the feelings that accompany each stage. Eileen creates memorial artwork and writes about life after loss on her blog, Little Winged Ones. Her writing has been featured in Still Standing Magazine, in the book Still Standing…Because They Lived, on the Stillborn and Still Breathing blog, and on the All That Love Can Do blog. Two of her pieces are also included in a perinatal bereavement support guide published by an Atlanta Hospital and given to parents facing stillbirth and infant loss.

Tara Holmes Williams

Tara Holmes Williams currently lives in Norfolk, Virginia with her husband Christopher, their rainbow boy Homer, and their sweet and gentle Goldador (Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever mix), Lucy. After losing their first son and IVF miracle, Rowan Christopher, 8 days shy of his Christmas 2012 due date, the couple had an unsuccessful FET and IVF during the course of the following year. But Tara and Christopher chose hope over despair and launched a very successful GoFundMe campaign for one last try at IVF. At 43 years old, she gave birth to their rainbow baby, Homer, on October 26, 2014. To contact or to learn more about Tara, visit either of her blogs: Hope is Our Anchor or Inklings. She can also be reached by email at:

Lindsey Henke

Lindsey Henke – Lindsey was chosen to share her journey of pregnancy after loss as Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine’s Knocked Up Blogger in October of 2013 after she became pregnant again following the stillbirth of her first and only child Nora in December of 2012. Lindsey chronicled her weekly struggles to balance grief and joy while trying to keep anxiety at bay in her journey towards parenthood again during her subsequent pregnancy. Her persistence at looking towards the positive paid off and after nine months of holding her breath she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, her second daughter Zoe in March of 2014. You can read Lindsey’s Journey through PAL as featured on Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine here.